Self- Employment

We at EMT run a Free Tailoring Training Center at Panakootur Villlage, Kattankolathur Panchayat. This focus on the development of girls, women and widows. So far we have trained 622 women and girls through out tailoring center program. After taking the course for 3 months they are offered a certificate and we have also facilliatted the formation of self help groups from the trainees for the sustainability of the project.

By providing milking goats

This project aims to help tribal people and improve their livelihood. The Trust identified women and widows who are struggling with basic amenities and we have provided financial assistance for them. The beneficiaries were chosen by people who wherein touch with our Trustees. We helped them to generate their income through goat rearing, theincome they receive is used for educating their children and developing their future. This project was done with the help of Sunflower Foundation, Australia.