Elshaddai Ministries Trust Providing Water and Sanitation

  • Mettukaadu Village
  • Thalimangalam Village
  • Perumbair Kandigai Village
  • Seethapuram Village
  • Parangani Village
  • Peravour Village

Mettukaadu Village

This village was provided with Motorised pump and toilet blocks. These regions were free from open defecation, availability of potable water increased and there was a considerable decrease in the number of people who died due to communicable diseases caused by improper sanitary habits. This project was done in collaboration with Just A Drop, United Kingdom.

Thalimangalam Village

The Thalimangalam Village fo Kancheepuram District was supplied with Bore Well, Hand Pump and Toilet Blocks as well. People have stopped defecating in open areas as a result of this project and there is considerable improvement in the health care of these people as well. This project was also supported by Just A Drop, United Kingdom.

Seethapuram Village

This is a tribal colony in the Kancheepuram district. There are only 20 families that reside in this colony. The improper sanitary methods and open defecation has led to health implications. The water that the Panchayath supplies is not sufficient during the summers. So we have resolved this issue by providing

Parangani Village

We have provided borewell with motorised pump and provided pipelines to the existing panchayat overhead tank. We have also supplied the people with taps for easy access to the water through out the village. This helps with easy access to the water and people cam use the amenities without any problem to give good sanitation experience. Along with this, 6 families were provided with model toilets. Over 700 families were benefitted through this project.This project was supported by Just a Drop Organisation, UK.

Peravour Village

We have dug and constructed a open well in this village. A overhead tank was also construct with a capacity of 30000 liters with 2km pipeline from the well to the overhead tank. The tapline was also added This provided good access to the water supply for all the families in the village. There were about 2500 beneficiaries in this project. This project was supported by Just a Drop Organisation, UK.