Sponsor a child’s education

If you sponsor a child for his/her education INR 12600/- ($ 170) per year will make a change the life of a child. The Millennium Development Goals cannot be met without getting the sponsor. The amount you sponsor will be used as educational support for a deprived child in KMJM school who wishes to study or who wishes to continue his or her studies. The amount will be used to buy books, notebooks, stationary, uniform and tuition fees for the school.

Education is one of the primary agents of transformation towards development. Child sponsorship is a meaningful and rewarding experience through which one person changes the life of a needy child and the world where he or she lives for the better. One of the most meaningful aspects of child sponsorship is that it is a relationship that can be cherished. It is always wonderful to know that you are changing the life of a little child for the better. Visiting your sponsored child is an altogether exhilarating experience. It is through visits like these that sponsor experiences firsthand joy of one small practical expression of love. It will help you realize that there's more to sponsorship than just sending money.