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The millennium development goals cannot be met without getting tribal children, especially girls, educated in Jharkhand State

Sponsor a child’s education: Rs.5000/- per year ($100)

The amount will be used as educational sponsor for a deprived child in Jharkhand who wishes to study or who wishes to continue the studies. The amount will be used to buy books, notebooks, stationary, uniform and fees for the school.

Education is one of the primary agents of transformation towards development. Jharkhand State, which is primarily considered as a tribal state, is not exception in realizing this fact. However, universal primary education to tribals is one of the major challenges which the Jharkhand State is facing. It is an important issue considering the fact that tribals were denied equal opportunity in the past by the government and the policy-makers. It is crucial and important for the development of the tribal communities, the state, and the nation. Tribal children in Jharkhand are trapped in an intergenerational vicious cycle of poverty, illiteracy and deprivation due to their primitive (shy) nature and thus isolated from the mainstream of life and other strata of the society.

Child sponsorship is a meaningful and rewarding experience through which one person changes the life of a needy child and the world where he or she lives for the better. One of the most meaningful aspects of child sponsorship is that it is a relationship that can be cherished. It is always wonderful to know that you are changing the life of a little child for the better. Visiting your sponsored child is an altogether exhilarating experience. It is through visits like these that sponsor experience firsthand the joy of one small practical expression of love. It will help you realize that there's more to sponsorship than just sending money.

Elshaddai Ministries Trust's Child Sponsorship programme changes the lives of many children every year. Our vision of creating a better world for our children works on the simple yet powerful principle that the best way to change the life of a needy child is to change the world in which he/she lives!

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