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Perumbair Kandigai Village

Perumbair Kandigai Village comes under Kancheepuram district of Tamilnadu state. The major problem in this area is improper sanitation they using open place for defecation which affect the main case of common disease. Sanitation facility is very poor, they don’t have sanitation facility. They using outside for sanitation this cause the serious health implications, due to lack proper sanitation the children and old people are affected by diarhorea, worms and skin diseases etc. sanitation is one of the most common issues neglected. These areas have severe problems with public health, due to improper sanitation infrastructure and insufficiency of toilet facilities. Women are mainly affected from this problem because they suffer a lot during menstrual cycle every month. The women who don’t have access to toilets have to face many dilemmas and also feel insecure while going open spaces. These major problems are pointed out
• Majority of women do not have lavatory provisions.
• Defecation in open spaces.
• Insecurity of women while going in open spaces.
• Health problem due to this unhygienic place used by them like dumping ground.
• Poor health among children adversely affects the attendance rate at schools.

The panchayath is supplying water one or two hours daily, they have two panchayath taps and one hand pump . This water is not sufficient for their day to day life. In summer they need to go far places to get the water.

The existing water and sanitation problems have been solved by Elshaddai Ministries Trust with help of Just a drop and Highfield company UK. We have provided 3+4 male and female bathing and toilet cubicles with new bore well and single phase submersible pump, 1000lr tank on roof to supply toilets and 1000lr tank beside to provide water supply. The toilets are maintained properly and all people are using it.

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